We will show our new tack and camera tower solution at IBC Amsterdam 15-19 sept Hall 11. B28

Augmented Graphics made by Electric Friends. TV2 Norway used the EF R1 robot to present their live AR graphics, anchor closeups and wide shots in their Olympic studio during the Rio Games.

Electric Friends has the most groundbreaking cost effective robot platform with the best intuitive High Definition realtime video and Graphical User Interface.

Electric Friends is advanced robotics that can be controlled by anyone from anywhere after only minutes of training.

Developed for News, Sports, Weather or any studio productions with many production hours and with a need for automation to cut staff without lowering the quality on production.

Electric Friends are compatible with Vizrt Tracking Hub and runs on their News system Vizrt Mosart, Vizrt Opus and Vizrt Multiplayer. High trajectory precision makes it the markets best and easiest solution for Virtual Reality and Augmented graphics for any production.

Collaborative Robots, TUV certified to work in close proximity with people. No fencing or protection needed.


Electric Friends™ has developed the next generation of robotic camera systems for the broadcast market.

Electric Friends™ has invented the first easy to use, intuitive robotic control system with a 7 axis robotic camera arm that will revolutionise the broadcast robotics market.

Electric Friends™

Electric Friends™ and its patented controller software Axis Ctrl™ has been designed in collaboration with a team of professional broadcast producers ensuring that it adheres to extreme requirements in remote robotic productions.

Electric Friends™ systems are developed for a variety of applications including studio, outside broadcast and film production. This new broadcast solution allows a giant leap forward in terms of productivity, flexibility and cost efficiency. The robot replaces a staffed jib or small crane and is ideal for repeated trajectory like in news and sports studios.

Electric Friends™ provides different hardware and software configurations suitable to any studio, virtual or outside broadcast.


We have launched our remote 24/7 support and service application.

The Electric Friends support system can monitor the robot installation either on broadcasters request on support or online 24/7.
The system provides remote robot and controller software support, robot hardware diagnostics, quick fix and software upgrades and updates from the Electric Friends service center.

Electric Friends™

Electric Friends™ and its software Axis Ctrl™ support several VR systems. The trajectory and position repeatability is 0,01 mm and requires no further calibration after initial setup.

Electric Friends™ solution is an advanced industrial collaborative robot platform custom built for the broadcast industry. The robot is programmed with safety in mind, and has been certified to work in an environment with people in close proximity.

The solution is currently being used by TV2, a leading commercial TV station in Norway. Electric Friends™ was in production in TV2s main studio during the Olympic Games, Sochi 2014.

Axis Ctrl™

Axis Ctrl™ is Electric Friends™ patented software. All the movements, trajectories, preset frames and shots are run by an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen.

Axis Ctrl™ can simultaneously control up to four robot arms during production, remote or in studio.

Axis Ctrl™ provides an easy and precise on-air adjustments and limitless preset trajectories (shots).


Electric Friends™ is delivered in several hardware configurations,  for roof, wall or floor mounting.

– 7 axis movements
– 6 kg camera payload.
– Camera radius/range 140 cm from base/shoulder.
– Trajectory and position repeatability 0,01 mm
– Operating life 35,000 hours

"Electric Friends gives you smooth noiseless on-air movements"

− Eivind Netland, Head Producer TV2

""Electric Friends was an important part of TV2`s Sochi technical setup as it offered a visual flexibility with minimal operational costs""

− Jens Cornelius Knutsen, Head producer TV2