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electric.friends at BBC

Congratulations to BBC with a successful launch of BBCs modernised flagship TV news studio .

We are so proud that our designer tower and our robotic control system axisctrl.AC2 is a part of BBC News Studio B.

The AC2 is a complete system for running a professional robotic control system in broadcast production, with a GUI that provides functionality to run «shots» on camera robots. AC2 uses AI to guide the robotics - such as pose based camera movements and face tracking. 

As Chris Cook said to TVBEurope:

“With the Furios that are currently in Studio E, BBC health and safety requires very, very clear demarcation that you can’t walk over them. They are massive trip hazards. electric.friends is literally like a tram line, so you can walk over it, it’s very safe. They also are very clever with their cable management system, it’s single fibre that rolls up inside the tower. electric.friends is used on a number of Scandinavian television stations, and they’ve done a lot of development work with us because we wanted through-the-lens autocue hoods on the cameras. Our talent doesn’t like reading to a below lens autocue, which is what their solution was up to that point. So they did some development work to put the new Epic Autocue monitors on the cameras.”

A6502578tower.W2.PX a designer tower with full-size see-throught prompter/monitor.

IMG_3245Our new robotic control system axisctrl.AC2 offers you advanced shot properties with features such as path planning with key frames and innovating AI for face tracking, pose estimation and personalized frames.