TC2 Server And Software

Electric Friends recognize that most premium broadcasters already possess camera robot control systems.  The TC2 development have therefore focused on adaptation to existing partner proprietary protocols rather than forcing the broadcaster to insert additional joy-stick and touch-panels in the Gallery. 

Key features

  • Tracker Software controlling up to four Trolleys with Towers on one rail line 
  • Sync Card with Genlock input ensuring position data is synchronized to station clock 
  • BBC FreeD standard real-time Trolley+Tower+Lens coordinate output to graphics systems, Vizrt, Orad, Ross, and others 
  • Intermediate “Control by Partner” (CbP) application program interface 
  • Typically, an Adapter software translating a partner proprietary protocol to CbP. 
  • A Technical Operation Manager Web Panel to ease configuration of Trolleys, Towers, Rail and Adapters. 
  • Window 10 
  • Please see data sheet for further information 
Download Tech Sheet