W2 Electric Friends Tower

The Tower innovative design stems from the same broadcaster driven development process as the Trolley and is the obvious camera carrier on top of the T2 Electric Friends Trolley. 

Key features

  • Panning, elevation, tilt and full lens control 
  • Integrated prompter and program monitor 
  • Talley light on top of tower 
  • Low center of gravity and heavy duty bearing secures stable and vibration free tower  
  • Actuators with exceptional accuracy and repeatability, 
  • Absolute encoders avoid re-calibration and provides accurate coordinates for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality systems. (FreeD protocol) 
  • Homogeneous circular surface avoids people security hazard during movements 
  • Small camera glassed-in version as well a box-camera lens cut-out version 
  • Decorative form, with trim adaptable to your studio design Textile or hard surface choices and varieties of colors 
  • Please see data sheet for further information 
Download Tech Sheet