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AI-driven PTZ control

Take your PTZ camera control to the next level by introducing AI-controlled image framing, pose positioning, and automatic camera shots.

Explore the NEW axisctrl.AC2PTZ - a software control solution built for modern, live broadcasts.

Control any PTZ camera

The AC2PTZ adds a new level of control to your studio PTZ camera operation and ensures an efficient and smooth live broadcast. 

AC2PTZ is a software solution that is vendor agnostic. Add a new level of automation and control to your camera operation with any PTZ camera from Panasonic, Canon, NewTek, Sony, or others. 

Enhance your studio camera operations by introducing Artificial intelligence (AI) to your PTZ camera control. 

Please feel free to contact us to book a demo of AC2PTZ. 

Software-based PTZ control with AI

With the new AC2PTZ, you equip your operators with a super easy solution that frees up resources in your control room.

  • Introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically identify who is in the shot and adjust the camera frame and position.
  • Automatically recognise your talents and adjust your PTZ cameras to personalized frames for an optimal camera position.
  • Save time with one shot only, for multiple talents, with AI-controlled face recognition. 
  • Integrate with studio automation systems, such as Viz Mosart.
  • Reduce the number of templates required by your automation system. Read about Personalized frames (P-frames) below

Facial recognition and Keyframe control

Personalized frames (P-frames) help reduce the number of templates needed in your automation system. 

With one shot for multiple talents, you make sure your opening camera shot is automatically adjusted for variations such as:

  • Height /positioning of the talent
  • The talent hair volume 
  • Other personal preferences

The P-frame will identify who is in the frame and position your cameras accordingly. 

Advanced shot properties, such as path planning, are programmed with keyframes. With Keyframe control, you can add several parameters, such as time, speed, and enabling and disabling of axes, for a smooth path and to the shot's final position.


Automate your operations with face tracking and pose estimation

By automating your live broadcast with face tracking, your shots will automatically adjust by tracking the face. If a talent is off its mark in the studio, the shot will automatically adjust based on where you have positioned the talent in the frame. 

How this works: 

  • Sliders indicate the area for face tracking and pose estimation in the frame. The parameter sliders control parameters such as delay before adjustment, speed of adjustments and hysteresis of positioning.

  • Shot Composition with Pose Estimation places a selected face in the frame depending on its pose, freeing up space for the talent to interact with other people in the studio or graphics at the long-sided composition.

Your operators can activate face tracking live on each camera from both the AC2PTX user interface and from the electric.friends Joystick Panel (see below). 

Contact us to learn more about AC2PTZ. 

Specially designed Joystick Panel

AC2PTZ comes with a specially designed Joystick Panel designed for ergonomic and smooth manual control of cameras.

  • Nicely combined with a keyboard to save desk space.
  • Allows for control of all robotics axis, including the activation and deactivation of face-tracking and pose-estimation

Contact us 

If you have any questions about AC2PTZ, please fill in your contact details using the right-hand side form. You are welcome to book a demo with our Head of Sales for AC2PTZ, Sven Magnus Jakobsen, from the calendar below. 

To contact us directly via email or phone, please see our Contact details on our website here

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