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A central component of our all-in-one robotic solution. Learn more about our second generation trolley system, and book a demo.

Trolley features

Its innovative design stems from a broadcaster-driven development process, performed by a cross-functional team of broadcast-, electrical-, mechanical-, robot- and software engineers joined by broadcast directors and artists. 

  •  The cable roll-in and roll-out mechanism enables an integrated trolley cable management.
  • Heavy-duty design with a low center of gravity.
  • Up to four trollies on one track.
  • Patented steel wheel on rubber-rail solution secures vertical stability, minimizes rubber wear, and ensures rotational stability – using double bogie wheels solution.
  • Precise security with outer soft-stop zone, as well as inner hardware security zone.
  • Fault-tolerant QR-code based tracking system provides sub-millimeter position accuracy.
  • Built-in fiber color multiplexer provides bandwidth for conventional HD-SDI and IP broadcast signals to camera and payload transports legacy control signals such as TALLY and RS-422 as well as IP-based control.
  •  A generic platform, a third-party elevation system, and PTZ head can be placed on top of Trolley.

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