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Flush with the floor to remove tripping hazards. Our tracks is an important part of studio safety, while also providing precise position for your systems.

Tracks features

The Tracks are easily embedded into the floor with its very low profile. Mounted flush with the floor it removes tripping hazards in the studio. With a full length extruded seamless rubber profile, the vibration is minimized even at high speeds.

  • Low profile, only 25 mm height, for easy recess into the floor.
  • CNC milled aluminum.
  • Central rubber rail for trolley steel wheels minimizes rubber wear.
  • QR code tape provides precise positioning for Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality systems.
  • Available as both straight and curves.
  • Available in different colors – powder coating or anodized aluminum.
Event K2E-1

Event tracks 

As an alternative to the Electric Friends standard Tracks, we offer portable event tracks.

  • Profile height 40 mm. 
  • They have the same basic functionality as the standard tracks, with cable cavities, rubber rail, and QR code strip.
  • These tracks can be used for events, shows, and any type of short-term installation.
  • In addition to the adjustments in the rail segments, there are sleepers between the rails with adjustment screws.

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