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An integral part of your set design. Delivered in different colors and materials to match your studio with its aesthetic presence. Learn more about some of the technical features.

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tower.W2/W2.PX features

The tower.W2/W2.PX stands at 2.2meters and is designed to be an integral part of your set design. It has a clean and aesthetic presence and can be delivered in several colors and materials.

  • Pan, elevation, tilt, and full lens control.
  • Integrated prompter and program monitor.
  • Tally light on top of the tower.
  • Actuators with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Absolute position encoders avoid re-calibration and provide accurate coordinates for Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality systems (FreeD protocol).
  • Using standard box-camera.
  • Felt panels can be  delivered in different colors to match the overall studio design.
  • W2.PX has a full-size see-through prompter/monitor.
electric.friends designer tower.W2

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