TV2 Nyhetskanalen/TV2 News Channel, Oslo


W2 Tower and T2 Trolly in production at TV2's new studio at Media City Bergen, Norway


W2 Tower

The Tower innovative design stems from the same broadcaster driven development process as the Trolley and is the obvious camera carrier on top of the T2 Electric Friends Trolley.


W2 Tower and T2 Trolly in action at TV2 Norway


Electric Friends offers a quantum leap in innovative camera robotics.

All Electric Friends robots, Tower, Trolley and Track systems are with the safety features required for work among studio guests and crew. All systems come with built-in collision avoidance, real-time precise position reporting to all AR/VR systems. Electric Friends gives your production smooth, noiseless, slow and fast camera movements and are aesthetics suitable for TV-appearance.

There are major differences between Electric Friends and earlier track based camera robotics. This makes the Electric Friends robots stand out as the preferable choice in studios where total cost, integration, design and flexibility are important.


W2 Tower

November 6, 2017

T2 Generic Trolley

November 6, 2017

K2 Tracks for the T2 Trolley series

November 6, 2017

TC2 Server And Software

November 6, 2017

FX2 Fiber Wavelength Multiplexer

November 6, 2017


The Electric Friends Tracks are easily integrated into the floor with its very low profile. The tracks are mounted flush with the floor and removes tripping hazards in the studio/office floor. With full length extruded seamless rubber profile the vibration is minimized even at high speeds. Electric Friends needs no costly construction investments and is easily redesigned as the track recess requirement is only 25 mm.


The system converts all signals to and from the robot by colour multiplexing all signals into a single fibre in a hybrid fibre/power cable, Resulting in a virtually cable free studio floor. The cable-recollection is applied with continuously computed torque, eliminating friction interference from the cable, and securing smooth movement along the tracks. This is especially important with VR/AR.


Electric Friends includes built-in high resolution tracking data to any graphic software for AR/VR through the BBC FreeD protocol. The positioning precision of the robot is 0.1 mm on the x-axis.


Electric Friends is a cobot solution that is in conformance with the EU Machine Directive for operation in environments with people. LIDAR sensor track movement in the forward and lateral sides of the track and prevents the robot from driving into obstacles or people. Tower panels include protection from removal. The combination of flush tracks, no cables and the soft design of the robot provide a safe studio environment.


Electric Friends affordable track solution comes in a variety of curves and straights. This combined with a budget-friendly floor infrastructure and installation methods, enable swift rearrangement of the studio, despite being a rail system.


Electric Friends is an all in one robotic solution that easily blends into the studio design. It has a clean and aesthetic presence and can be delivered in several colours and materials.