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Our team at electric.friends is growing

Our team is growing and we are so happy to introduce our new robotics engineers.

Qasim_picQasim Waheed Malik - SENIOR ROBOTICS ENGINEER

Malik is an experienced electronics engineer with a background in electronics system design.
He has over six years of experience from COMSATS as lab engineer for servicing electronic equipment.
He has been a research associate at ALICE, CERN since 2015, where he contributed to the pixel sensor characterization for upgrading the Inner tracker of the ALICE.


Jeen AnnJeen Ann Abraham -  ROBOTICS ENGINEER

After finishing her master’s degree in Robotics and Control from Oslo Metropolitan University, she
joins Electric Friends. She has a broad spectrum of educational background in the field of electronics,
telecommunication and robotics, and has developed particularly strong interests towards robotics,
computer vision and Artificial Intelligence. In addition, she has been focused on simulation, verification
and validation of ROV’s in Robot Operating System (ROS) and MATLAB, in her master’s thesis.



Lazar Delic joins Electric Friends as a newly graduate Electronics engineer with knowledge of electronic devices and low-level software development. In his bachelor’s degree from the Western University of Applied Science he specialized in Software development. He has worked on developing power meters, metal detectors and power detectors.