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all-in-one robotic solution

Advanced Features


The tracks are only 25 mm and easily integrated into the floor with its very low profile. Mounted flush with the floor it removes tripping hazards in the studio. With full length extruded seamless rubber profile, the vibration is minimized even at high speeds. Up to four towers on one track.



The system converts all signals to and from the robot by color multiplexing all signals into a single fiber in a hybrid fiber/power cable, resulting in a virtually cable free studio floor. The cable drum is applied with continuously computed torque, eliminating friction interference from the cable, and securing smooth movement along the tracks. This is especially important with VR/AR.


electric.friends includes built-in high-resolution tracking data to any graphic software for AR/VR through the BBC Free-D protocol. The positioning precision of the robot is 0.1 mm on the x-axis.



electric.friends is a cobot solution that is in conformance with the EU Machine Directive for operation in environments with people. LIDAR sensors prevents the robot from driving into obstacles or people. The combination of flush tracks, hidden cables and the soft design of the robot provide a safe studio environment.


electric.friends´ affordable track solution comes in a variety of curves and straights. This combined with a budget-friendly floor infrastructure and installation methods, enable swift rearrangement of the studio, despite being a rail system.



electric.friends is an all-in-one robotic solution that easily blends into the studio design. It has a clean and aesthetic presence and can be delivered in several colors and materials.


electric.friends recognize that broadcasters may already possess camera robot control systems. The TC2 can therefore adapt to existing partner proprietary protocols, by using our “Control by Partner” (CbP) application program interface. Tracker Software controlling up to four trollies with towers on one track. Sync Card with Genlock input ensuring position data is synchronized to the station clock.


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