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Oliver Salway talks robotics and studio design

Electric Friends robotics opens up a new way of thinking studio design. Oliver Salway found it to be his perfect match.

In our article you can read more about how he thinks robotics from Electric Friends has changed studios, and why looks actually matter. At least when it comes to studio cameras. 

During the Covid-lockdown, Salway got invited by a director of the BBC to see if they could find better ways of bringing remote guests into the studio than Zoom.

– I teamed up with Epic Games, which makes the real-time game engine, Unreal Engine. And they put me in touch with an incredible team of people they knew in the industry. And at the same time, I was researching various things like the latest in camera robotics and found Electric Friends.

Oliver Salway is a co-founder of architecture and design studio Softroom. Check out Oliver’s website to learn more about him and his services.