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Media Engineers Ltd joins Electric Friends as a partner in the UK

Press release Bergen, Norway, January 4, 2021 


Media Engineers Ltd joins Electric Friends as a partner in the UK

We are happy to announce that Media Engineers Ltd joins Electric Friends on exciting projects in the UK.

With over three decades of industry experience, we are able to bring together the very best engineers to suit your job. In addition to the company's expertise, we have access to the best.

  • File systems and network engineers
  • System design documentation engineers
  • Sound studio treatment and calibration engineers.

Phil Crawley starting at BBC Television News in the eighties after doing a degree in math’s and programming. Phil was never a software guy; he ran engineering at two of the larger Soho facilities in the '90s before becoming a tech supervisor on the first few years of Big Brother. After that he spent fifteen years running SI projects at Root6 and keeping his head and eyes well and truly in colourimetry!

“From the design & build of modern media facilities to supporting existing customers we can configure, repair, certify and optimise your equipment, studio or edit/colour suite.” - Media Engineers Ltd

“Technical excellence combined with good value and access to some of the industry's most experienced engineers means we can probably address your problem quicker than you thought possible!” - Media Engineers Ltd

Contact info:

Phil Crawley, Media Engineers Ltd.

Phone: +44 7411 172274